Danny Johnson Band

      A special word of thanks to all my                    friends and fans in Germany,                 Netherlands, Norway, Sweden,                            Finland and the UK...                    You are amazing!

And welcome to our new friends in

             India and South East Asia!        Thanks for keeping the blues alive and      thank you for supporting the music of     The Danny Johnson Band.

I remember the first time I realized I didn't hear music the same as everyone else.


To most people, music was wallpaper. A pleasant backdrop for another passing day.


But for me it was different. Music was alive,  mysterious, and calling to me. It began to take me to far away places...places I'd never been before.


Music opened up a whole new world to me...a world of creativity and imagination. A world full of emotion and endless possibilities.


So I became an explorer. I chased music down every city street and every country road, on crowded concert stages and lonely corner bars. I climbed mountains and sailed oceans...and every where I went with me...a constant companion and a familiar friend.


Music has brought me this place in my life...brought me into it's family...and now brought me to you, my fellow explorer.


I hope this music speaks to your heart in new and interesting ways. I hope it brings you joy and hope, and at the same time, leads you to explore life in all it's wonder.


Where do you want to go?


Let's go together. dj

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