Blues For Tommy


Sometimes we take

This life for granted

Like the stars up in the sky

And the moon above


But the truth is...

"nothing is promised"

Not even tomorrow

Or the people that we love


Today I'm so blue

My whole world is blue


We all think this life...

Will last for ever

Just like the wind and the waves...

Out on the sea


But all these memories

That are haunting me

Will always be

A comfort...a comfort to me


Today I'm blue

My whole world is blue


Time slips away

Like sand in the hour glass

And we forget to stay in touch

with the ones that we love so much


Why does the time

Go by so fast

We had our fun

And now it's past


And it hurts so much

This pain I'm trying hide

I wash it away

With these tears I cry


I'm so blue

And Tommy...this one's for you...

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