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I have spent the last several days listening to a new song from The Danny Johnson Band called 'The Love Of A Woman'. This is a slow burning rock standard, with a strong blues flavour. The theme is age old and the lyrics 'tell it like it is'. The song is well crafted and I particularly like the smooth guitar work. I would recommend that you give this work a closer inspection, you won't be disappointed..... Cheers...Giovanni Londero, Orange, New South Wales, Australia

I love all of them. But my most favorite is Abrazame Cerca (Hold Me Close),it touches my heart. I really love it.
Hold me close...I closed my eyes when I listen to is romantic ,beautiful music.
I don't know how to describe it, but I imagine someone holding me as close as possible and as long as possible.
Tar VacharasathiraBangkok, Thailand

Little white lies -...." Great funky number, with a bluesy feel.Wonderful vocals, smooth guitar. Reminds me a lot of the music of "Traffic" and Steve Winwood. Really cool."  

                        Sophia Pde, Delhi, India

The intro of The Love of a Woman captures your attention from the start, and you know you are going to listen to something good. The melody is strong and engaging, and goes hand to hand with the powerful and warm vocal tone of the singer, resulting on a very attractive song.

Alicia Brunetti, Montevideo, Uruguay

Some of the music of this album reminds me of Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour in the 80's. Very jazz fusion. Keep up the good work.  Larry Wong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Little White Lies by The Danny Johnson Band, from their newly released album, The Love Of A Woman, is unfiltered, fun blues/rock. The song tells of a fading love while singing a catchy chorus to make its point. In a track somewhat reminiscent of the early Eagles flavor, the upbeat sound and easy-to-learn lyrics allow the listener to cut loose and sing along. While the title and lyrics suggest loss of love, the fun and energetic sound says he isn’t that sad to see her go. It’s a highly infectious song and, as the band are known for, the guitar riffs are on point and dictate the energy of the sound.   Mario Arguera

"Brass bands are all very well in their place—outdoors and several miles away."

— Sir Thomas Beecham