The Truth...The Whole Truth...and Nothing But The Truth


The Truth...

About two years ago, I retired from "playing out"...which means I don't really perform any more. After a life time of making a living playing as a performing musician, I finally

got burned out of traveling, setting up and tearing down equipment, etc.

I have never lost my love of playing...but for now, the fire is out for performing.

I wanted to spend more time at home with my family.


The Whole Truth

God has been gracious to me...I have a beautiful wife, a loving family, a warm home...financially comfortable...physically healthy...happy and still filled with a love for music and the creative spirit behind it.

For years I have been writing and recording songs in my home studio. As long as I have been doing this...I have always enjoyed this creative you start out with an idea...a melody...a title...or sometimes just a beat...and in a short time it develops into something that never existed before. I compare it to giving birth. You have the privilege of bringing some thing into the world that never existed before. And it has the potential of bringing joy to others now, and long after I have left this Earth. That has great value in my impact others in a positive way is what life is all about. We all are in this world together... to learn to live together...and leave a better place for the next generation.


Nothing But The Truth


There are nine albums on this site...and they all have the name "The Danny Johnson Band" on them. But the truth is...there is no Danny Johnson Band performing on them.

There is only one person on these musical markers of my! I have written every song, played every instrument, sung every note, harmony parts etc. I don't say this to brag...merely to clarify. I always recorded alone because my studio (which really is a small bedroom) was never large enough to bring in other players. Also it was easier doing everything myself, than bringing in (and paying) outside players. Plus I could record anytime...24/7.

There...I hope this clears some things up...maybe you don't care...but this was important to be as transparent as possible. I owe that to all of you, my supporters, my fans, my thanks to each an every one of you for allowing me to continue to do the thing I make music.